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“Restlessness” by Anna Yarbrough is a work for piano that blends atmospheric textures with a profoundness of melody and harmony.

Anna Yarbrough – “Restlessness” – Music Review

The opening texture might at first be considered minimalist.  However, it gives way to a series of chord progressions that “pull” like a work by Debussy.  In this way, the tune is minimalist, impressionist, and modern.  The latter portions of the work beautifully sculpt space, leaving wide open expanses while not being boring.

Another remarkable element in the piece is the sense of pacing and phrasing.  The composition is not computerized, but not lacking in precision.  The tempo and feel are very human, but not overdone.  The sound quality is great too; there aren’t too many effects, and particularly the reverb isn’t overdone.  It is all too common for reverb to wash over similar works for solo piano.

Overall, this is a great piece that I hope (and think) you will enjoy.