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Anna Yarbrough is a full-time musician, songwriter, and composer based in New York City. She grew up in Belfast, Northern Ireland, and spent several years in Sydney, Australia, before moving permanently to the United States. She has since lived in St Augustine (FL), Nashville (TN), Paris (France), and she now works out of her Brooklyn-based studio in New York City. Her sound has been heavily shaped by the many styles of music she has been exposed to in the course of her travels, bringing something truly unique to the table.

Yarbrough specializes in piano and keys-based session work and spends a large portion of her time in the studio recording for clients, collaborators, and herself. Last year saw the completion of her debut album, “DIVIDED”—a modern-classical piano work that was released November 16 2018. Subsequently, she went on to release three singles through New York based label Sonder House, the most recent as part of their third solo piano compilation “Recollections Vol. 3”. In 2019 Yarbrough released another album project entitled “Softer Sessions”—a collection of solo piano works specifically written for synchronization purposes. The project can be licensed exclusively through InStyle Music.

Yarbrough is currently signed with various publishers across the United States, United Kingdom, and Canada. Recent TV placements include Keeping Up With the Kardashians and The Ellen DeGeneres Show.

The end of 2019 marks a shift in Yarbrough’s creative career—after many years of working on client projects and briefs for others, she now embarks on a new journey: one where she can focus intensely on her own creative development as an artist and what it truly means to be a creative in all facets of life—the integration of music, art, and the daily creative process. She is currently working on a new solo project where she hopes to solidify her musical identity while taking her recording environment to the next level with a complete overhaul of her studio.


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